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Pangrok Sulap

Artist Profile

The artist collective Pangrok Sulap is made up of a diverse group of artists, musicians and social activists. The name of the collective is a combination of the musical genre Pangrok, meaning punk rock, and Sulap, meaning a resting hut used by farmers in Sabah. Pangrok Sulap was influenced by the resistance activities of the Yogyakarta woodcut collective Taring Padi, whom he met through the Indonesian punk band Marginal, and since 2012 has been using woodcuts to depict issues faced by local communities and indigenous people in Borneo and beyond. The work has attracted attention from within and outside the region. As their names suggest, where radicalism and locality coexist, their message is to revitalise communities in Sabah, Northern Borneo, through art, to raise awareness of their rights, to speak out against political decadence caused by greed, and to encourage multi-ethnic unity.

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