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Interview :Nina Robert_English edition

The photo book '00' was published at her own expense in 2022. The book is entirely enclosed in a black plastic cover that does not allow light to penetrate. What is contained within? I interviewed the artist, Nina Robert.

If you don't mind, please introduce yourself briefly. - My name is Nina, I'm a 26 year old artist who lives and works between London, Brussels and Amsterdam.

How did you get started in photography? - I started photography six years ago, when I found an analog camera at a flea market. Since then I bought many other ones but I mostly still use that first one.

Tell me about the subject of the photography. - For me the photo medium was obvious, nearly instinctive and has become a real obsession. It's about capturing a moment, a face and sharing an instant where emotions are experienced.

In your photographs, the relationship between you and your subjects feels very close. What is most influenced by the photographic subject? Do they have anything in common? - I mostly take my friends and what I live in picture. There is a very strong and sensitive link between me and my subjects. It's portraits, cities, and abandoned places. I hate voyeurism but some images make more sense when they're not hidden. I try to write my side of the story, a travel between reality and loyalty. The result is raw and the context not always legal.

Tell me about your own photography style. And what is it that you value in your photography? - I mostly always work in black and white. It's an aesthetic choice and also because I'm very bad with color. I was really influenced by fashion photography and by photographers like Jim Goldberg or Nan Goldin. In my work there is also always something about violence.

What are your views on the influence of the internet and social media on photography? - I think the internet and social networks play an important role in the photography and contemporary art. They are a way to easily share your work around the wolrd and get opportunities. But I also think that you have to be careful not to limit and lock yourself into this system.

Today, there are many places to present photos on the internet, such as social networking sites. In this context, what did you consider important when compiling your photographs into the book? - Today I think internet and social networks are the probably the efficient way to show photos and artworks, but the physical edition makes the photos more intimate, less frontal, sharable and exchangeable.

What is the most important message you want to convey to the viewers of your photos? If you would like to, please tell me. - With my photos I mostly try to share sensitivity through violence.

When I saw your photo book '00', and now after interviewing you, I thought, when you say the word 'violence', I feel something else than just the 'ferocity' or the ' evilness' that the word implies. What do you see in 'violence'? -I rather see violence as something poetic, sneaky and vicious. I play with it. I also think that in "00" it confronts the love and tenderness I have for all the people I take pictures of.

I understood.That you see 'violence' as such, but also play with it. And the love and tenderness you have for the people you photograph in your photo book '00'. All of these things have come together to create a single work of art, and your photobook is full of charm that words cannot describe.So your words on Instagram. "Thank you to all the ones who took part of my life thoses last 5 years. Thank you for the laughs and the tears. Thank you to all the ones who are by my side since the first day." Did you accompany this photo book with these words? -yes and maybe now I regret not having written them on the back cover. They reflect and in a certain way explain my approach. I think there is also a form of modesty in relation to violence. There are things you can say and show and others you can’t.

What are your aspirations for the future?

- For the future Im already working on two new projets in Amsterdam and a fresh book who will be out next summer.


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