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CYRO space is very small place

2020 A very small free space newly established in a corner of a salon in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Freedom and independence in society, culture, community and environment, and its beautiful expression.



923-1245 220-3 Tatsunokuchi, Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture

220-3 Tatsunokuchimachi, Nomi-shi, Ishikawa-ken 923-1245 Japan  

Phone: +81-761-58-1719

My father's bookshelf was full of literary books, but there were also many art-related books. Even when I was too young to read, I learned to enjoy looking at books with eye-catching covers and beautiful illustrations. A golden halo of the Virgin Mary, Rembrandt engravings, Greco-Roman and Renaissance architecture and sculpture all gave wings to my imagination.


When you turn the pages, you can smell the book alone and know it came from another place in another time. From an early age, I knew that these books and albums were important to my father. It is because the face of my father who tells the story shines brightly. The book made me forget my worries.

_ Excerpt from [A Thousand Years of Joy and Sorrow Autobiography by Ai Weiwei]

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The integrity of the human spirit, or even the integrity of the human body, was tied up in relationships with others, and with a sense of one's ability to influence the world. If so, bullshit work should be nothing but mental violence.

However, the soul is not without means of resistance. So I would like to conclude this chapter by calling attention to the war of minds that this situation creates. In the meantime, here are some ways to keep yourself sane by getting involved in projects outside of your [brushy] work. If you like, you can call it guerrilla action.


What can be cited as rewarding is the creative activity--the persistent efforts of many in the pursuit of art, music, writing, and poetry, which make their 'real' paid work. Acting as an antidote to meaninglessness.

Excerpt from _ [Bullshit Job by David Graber]

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